Bears (are) History!

Bears fans talk about the past,

No surprise they gotta.

Since 1986, "success"

they haven't had a lotta.


Even then, their biggest star,

was a "Refrigerator."

His bulk struck fear in everyone:

Teammates, foes, and waiters!


Bears fans get new hope for glory,

Each and every year.

But by December, they'll be looking

In their rear view mirror.

The Lambeau Limericks

Home wins are almost a lock,

since our "guests" find the weather a shock.

But our fans are the thing

that will give us the ring.

They not only cheer, they own STOCK!

Bears' Dow Jones

It's a really bad state of affairs.

For the bean-counters running the Bears.

They regretted, next day,

their investment in Jay.

Even after he left, they still have nightmares.